Direct Aortic CoreValve Implantation via Right Anterior Thoracotomy in a Patient with Patent Bilateral Mammary Artery Grafts and Aortic Arch Chronic Dissection

Giuseppe Bruschi, Pasquale Fratto, Paola Colombo, Alberto Barosi, Luca Botta, Stefano Nava, Francesco Soriano, Maria P Gagliardone, Claudio F Russo, Silvio Klugmann


Direct aortic trans-catheter aortic valve implantation is an alternative approach to treat high risk for surgery patients affected by severe aortic stenosis and concomitant peripheral vascular disease.

We describe a case of direct aortic CoreValve implantation made via a right anterior thoracotomy in a 78-year-old male affected by severe aortic stenosis and severe peripheral vasculopathy, who previously underwent coronary artery bypass grafting, with patent bilateral mammary artery grafts and chronic aortic arch dissection.


Aortic stenosis; Transcatheter Valve Replacement; Direct Aortic; Aortic Valve

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