Correlation of Coagulation Pathway Parameters with BNP, Ejection Fraction and NYHA Class in Heart Failure

Nandini Nair, Enrique Gongora





The upregulation of inflammation and coagulation in addition to the sympathetic nervous system is known and reported in congestive heart failure. This study was undertaken to assess the correlations of the changes in coagulation parameters with functional class, ejection fraction and brain natriuretic peptide levels.



A small prospective study was conducted in dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) patients.

The protocol was approved by the Hospital IRB ( Scott and White Memorial, Temple, TX 76508). Statistical analysis was conducted using the online Vassar stats system . Spearman’s rank order correlation was derived for all the correlations mentioned in this paper.



PT, PTT, INR and d-dimer levels were significantly different in the two groups and correlated positively and significantly with BNP and New York Heart Association class . Statistically significant negative correlation was noted with ejection fraction. fibrinogen levels did not correlate significantly with BNP, New York Heart Association class or ejection fraction.



Coagulation pathway parameters correlate significantly with BNP, functional class and ejection fraction in this study. The study is limited by its size and the fact that only dilated non- ischemic cardiomyopathy patients were included.   Larger studies are required to further understand the complex interactions of biochemical pathways noted in heart failure.



fibrinogen; d-dimer; PT; functional class

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