sGC Stimulators and Activators

Heli Tolppanen, Piotr Ponikowski


Nitric oxide (NO)-soluble guanylate cyclase(sGC)-cGMP signalling is impaired in HF syndromes, which could predispose to vascular oxidative stress. Nitrates directly stimulate cGMP, but are limited by tolerance. Therapeutic targets that aim at increasing cGMP concentrations have therefore been explored. Recently, two classes of drugs have been discovered, the sGC activators and the sGC stimulators, which target two different redox states of sGC: the NO-sensitive reduced (ferrous) sGC and NO-insensitive oxidized (ferric) sGC, respectively.  Cinaciguat is an activator and riociguat and vericiguat are sGC stimulators. Vericiguat is the most advanced agent in its clinical trial programme with two completed phase IIb studies, SOCRATES -REDUCED in HFrEF and SOCRATES-PRESERVED in HFpEF, with mixed results on NT-proBNP. The ongoing VICTORIA trial in HFrEF will study 4,872 participants with a mortality/morbidity end-point and VITALITY HFpEF trial will study  735 participants, with a quality of life end-point.


Heart Failure; sGC stimulators

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