Beta-3 Receptor Agonists

Erasmus Bachus, Piotr Ponikowski


Beta-3 adrenergic receptors (β3-AR) have a more widespread tissue distribution in the human body as compared to beta1- and beta2 (β1/2)-adrenergic receptors, including in the bladder, brain, adipose tissue and cardiovascular system. Thus, β3- AR are potential drug targets for a wide range of therapeutic areas, both cardiovascular and non-cardiovascular including overactive bladder (OAB), depression, metabolic syndrome, obesity and heart failure (HF).  β3-AR agonists that are selective to the β3-AR include CL 316,243, amibegron (SR58611A), mirabegron (YM-178) and vibegron (RVT-901). However, in HF, study results regarding a possible inotropic effect of β3-AR agonists remain equivocal and some authors report a negative inotropic effect in HF and β3-AR antagonists are also under study.


Heart Failure; Beta-3 receptor agonists

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