Advanced Imaging in Chagas Heart Disease: from diagnosis to sudden death risk stratification.

Hugo Rodriguez-Zanella, Jose Luis Salas-Pacheco, Gabriela Melendez-Ramirez, Jose Antonio Arias-Godínez, Nydia Avila-Vanzzinni, Maria Eugenia Ruiz-Esparza, Juan Francisco Fritche Salazar, Jesus Antonio Blanco Figueroa, Erick Alexánderson-Rosas


Chagas disease constitutes a relatively prevalent condition in Latin America and is increasing worldwide. With a wide spectrum of clinical subsets. Imaging modalities are critical for adequate diagnosis, staging and prognosis of this entity. Currently Echocardiography and Cardiac Magnetic Resonance are the most valuable techniques for this purpose. Evidence for both modalities has increased in the last years, as the role of advanced techniques such as Speckle Tracking Echocardiography has been explored we aim to review the evidence of advanced imaging in the spectrum of patients with Chagas Heart Disease.


Chagas Disease, Advanved Imaging, Late Gadollinium enhancement, Strain Imaging.

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