Chagas Disease: Where to now?

Louise Gabrielle Shewan, Andrew Coats, Michael Henein, Reinaldo Bestetti


This special issue includes expert reviews on the neglected cardiological syndrome – Chagas Disease (CD), also known as American trypanosomiasis.   First described in 1909 this syndrome is endemic in several Latin American countries. This specially commissioned themed issue of the International Cardiovascular Forum Journal brings together notable experts who discuss a wide range of emerging topics in CD.  These include the changing, and challenging, epidemiology of CD in migrants and visitors to the Europe and the USA.  We also review what treatments exist for the primary infective aetiology, and how to manage Chagas cardiomyopathy when it has reached its end-stage heart failure form.  We have expert reviews on advanced imaging techniques and their role in the assessment and care of Chagas’ patients and the opportunity to protect against sudden death in this enigmatic condition.  


Chagas Disease; Review

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